It is notified that refund amount against cancellation of 1st year admission 2018, may transfer to the candidate/ Parents Bank account through online mode i.e., NEFT / RTGS OR through PAYMENT GATEWAY- BILLDESK.
It may be noted that due to some formalities and technical causes, amount will be transferred after 27th August 2018.
The amount of refund will be calculated as per Government circular and may be charged cancellation fees Rs. 200 if not paid by candidates.

1. As per G.O. No. 842-Edn(CS)/10M-95/14 dated July 17, 2018, the second phase of admission in the day shift of S.A. Jaipuria College is scheduled to be started from July 30, 2018.
2. Merit list for 2nd phase admission will be published on 30/07/2018 at 3pm & will be open till 11 am on 01/08/2018.
3. Fresh online applications are invited (from 3 pm on 28/07/2018 to 3 pm on 03/08/2018) for the Honours subjects : Physics & Bengali
4. Online admission from fresh applicants is scheduled to be started from 06/08/2018 (12 noon)
5. 8th merit list is extended up to 2/08/2018 11 a.m.
6. 9th Merit list Admission will be open from 06/08/2018(4:00 PM) till 08/08/2018(4:00 PM).
7. 10th Merit list Admission will be open from 13/08/2018(4:00 PM) till 16/08/2018(4:00 PM).
8. 11th Merit list Admission will be open from 28/08/2018(10:00 PM) till 30/08/2018(2:00 PM).

Information presented below:


  1. Reservation for each category– Unreserved(general), SC, ST, OBC-A, OBC-B : 3% of seats of each category
  2. Academic criteria[A., B.Sc., B.Com]: Same as each category as mentioned
  3. % of disability – Minimum 40%
  4. Certificate: Issued by Medical Board of Hospital recognised by Central Government / State Government
  5. Candidate must mention in details of about certificate, as required, at the time of application and submit scan copy only at the time of Admission/verification.

The following specified categories of disabilities as mentioned in the Schedule to the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016 are eligible to get the benefit reservation;

  1. Physical Disability
  2. A) Locomotor disability : (a) leprosy cured persons (b) cerebral palsy (c) dwarfism (d) muscular dystrophy (e) acid attack victims
  3. B) Visual impairment (a) Blindness (b) Low Vision
  4. C) Hearing Impairment (a) Deaf (b) Hard of Hearing
  5. D) speech and language disability
  6. Intellectual disability
  7. A) Specific learning disabilities
  8. B) Autism spectrum disorder
  9. Mental behavior (Mental Illness)
  10. Disability caused due to
  11. A) Chronic neurological conditions (a) multiple sclerosis (b) parkinson's disease
  12. B) Blood Disorder (a) haemophilia (b) Thalassemia (c) sickle cell disease
  13. Multiple Disabilities